Funny Mango Story!!


A couple of weeks ago, when we were in the height of mango season, we chanced across somebody on the street selling huge bags of these black mangoes.  They are hairy, very juicy and loved by Belizeans.  When you eat these, you are expected to eat about 10 to 20 in one sitting because they are so delicious and very messy to eat; no point in dribbling mango juice down your front and elbows for less.

Black Mangoes.
Black Mangoes.

Anyway, a while later, we met a friend and hailed him down.  We grabbed a couple of these mangoes, that we had bought, and presented them to him as a gift.

Unexpectedly, he gave us a sideways suspicious look and he said cautiously,

“Where did you get these from?”

Before we had time to answer he said,

“Did you get them for a drunk Spanish guy?”

We nodded our heads in unison…in our heads we were thinking…yeah the guy kinda couldn’t walk in a straight line and had slurred speech!


The friend picked a mango and scrutinized it,

“These are my mangoes!!  That guy is selling my mangoes!!”

Then he suddenly stopped and laughed, realised the humour of the whole situation and said,

“Ha-Ha!!  You guys are giving me back my own mangoes!!  No, no take them!!  I have plenty at home!!”

We all had a good laugh about it and then we drove back home to feast on the black mangoes…guilt-free!!

It’s Mushroom Time…


With the heavy rains in July, we have had lots of wild mushrooms popping up on the farm.  The Stinkhorn otherwise known as bamboo pith or bamboo fungus (Phallus indusiatus) has been  a common one for us.  These are edible and we are perfectly happy to eat them.  I say this because I have seen strange looks from Non-Asian people who look too frightened to try this epicurean delight.

These mushrooms start off as an egg-shaped structure, commonly known as “Witches’ Eggs.”

Stinkhorn Egg.
Stinkhorn Egg.

You can pick them at this stage to eat; once cooked, they have a gooey texture.  They are alright (not great) if you are feeling adventurous…best pan-fried with onions and garlic.

Asian people eat the mushrooms at this stage when they become erect and rather phallic looking.  In the Asian Market, they are cultivated and sold dehydrated.


You can stir-fry them and put them in stews and soups.  Go on then…do something different today and find some of these lovely specimens in Toledo and cook them up for dinner!!  They are supposed to be an aphrodisiac!

Still stuck!


Interesting that we are still stuck on the farm but for other reasons this time.  About a week ago, half the gate fell over; it’s a really heavy gate made from sturdy hardwood but unfortunately the post has been destroyed by termites.  We didn’t see this happening because the termites had cleverly burrowed into the wood and were digesting the wood from the inside…on the outside it looked perfectly normal.

The gates can be moved with brute Gnome strength and so any trip out entails the moving of a tonne of wood back and forth.

So we have had to think seriously about taking trips out of the farm…basically no joy rides or “…let’s go out and get something quickly.”

The Gate.
The Gate.

So the other day, just in good humour, I said to Gnome:

“Darling, we have run out of sugar to put in our tea.”


Gnome replied rather facetiously with,
“Well, would you like me to move a 2 tonne gate and run out to get a cup of sugar for you, my dear!”


The Trials of Munchkin and Gnome Continue….

Thank-you Mango Tree!

Our Mangoes.
Our Mangoes.

We had the pleasure of our first bearing mango tree this year and it was wonderful!  We ate mangoes non-stop for 4 weeks!!  This type of mango, that we have on our farm is the smooth, hairless (sans fibre) kind with a taste reminiscent of syrupy canned peaches.

Mangoes On Tree.
Mangoes On Tree.

We enjoyed our last big bowl of mangoes today.  For a treat, we drizzled Lemongrass Elixir to give it extra oomph!!

Boozy Mangoes:


A Big Thank you to our Mango Tree!!

Friday Night Tune.

Hello!!  Here is a tune for all you people staying at home on a Friday night.  Remember, as Gnome said in a previous post,

“July is a time for contemplation.”


Well, what else can you do when it’s so wet outside…although it is drying up a bit now!

Hello Again!!


It is really had to start back on writing the Blog after this hiatus; it is actually easier to write everyday as you get into the rhythm of writing.  Oh well, let’s try again!!

It’s been raining almost everyday so we have had to resort to indoor activities.  We managed to get a new hand-cranked pasta maker that is a lot sturdier than the last one.  The last one was a disaster for USD $25.00; it was a Made In China piece of evil terribleness which didn’t survive past the first crank!

“Evil Terribleness!!”


We’ve been experimenting with all sorts of wonderful and exotic ingredients including cacao butter, chocolate, banana flour and miso with great results.  Here are few pictures to show what we have managed to crank.  Thank goodness this machine is still going past the 20th crank (yay!!).  Gnome said,

“Well.  It’s because this one is made in Italy of course!”


Pasta Noodle Making:

Miso Noodles.
Miso Noodles.
Fresh Chocolate Pasta Noodles.
Fresh Chocolate Pasta Noodles.
No.3 Miso Noodles.
No.3 Miso Noodles.
Banana Flour Noodles.
Banana Flour Noodles.

Cooked Home-Made noodles Chinese Style:

Cooked Noodles.
Cooked Noodles.

What a delight to have a machine that actually works.  This means a lot when you are in a Belize because there is no Amazon 24 hour delivery…if we need anything from overseas, it is usually a 3 to 6 month wait!  This one was worth the wait…


We haven’t been writing lately because the Internet has been on and off with the bad storms.  Right now, it is on but I don’t know for how long so I will take this opportunity to write.

It has been absolutely pouring down and in the daytime, we have been wading about in ankle-deep puddles!  Needless to say that no one work can be done outside!  It is mostly raining at night  and early morning…I will remember to mark July on my calendar as “wet, wet, wet!!” to remind myself of this every year.  Otherwise, I will get frustrated and feel that I can’t get any work done…


Wise words from Gnome (whilst staring out of the window at gigantic puddles and grey skies for the last week):

“Hmmm…July is a time for contemplation.”


Munchkin replies with,

“What is there to think about?!!”


Everything Handmade in Belize.


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