Product Development for Spa Range

This page is for companies who would like a Whole/ Part Spa range developed.  This would include one or any of the following Ranges:

  • Facial.
  • Body.
  • Haircare.
  • Footcare.
  • Complete Spa Range.

Our Complete Spa Range that is tailor-made for your establishment can contain (you choose) the following products:

The Signature Aroma Body Treatment.

  • We will blend for you a unique Signature Aroma  using the plants local to Belize.
  • Sea Salt or Sugar Body Scrub with Signature Aroma.
  • Fine Face and Body Clay (violet and golden yellow).
  • Massage Oil (Copal base with Coconut oil) with Signature Aroma.

The Signature Aroma Facial Treatment.

  • Facial Wash (Copal Castile Liquid Soap) with Signature Aroma.
  • Facial Toner with Signature Aroma.
  • Fine Face and Body Clay.
  • Facial Moisteurising Spritzer (Copal, Coconut and Almond oil base) with Signature Aroma.

The Signature Aroma Hair Treatment.

  • Signature Aroma Shampoo (Copal Castile Liquid Soap).
  • Signature Aroma Hair Oil.

The Signature Aroma Foot Treatment.

  • Signature Aroma Foot Wash (Copal Castile Liquid Soap).
  • Signature Aroma Foot Bath.
  • Signature Aroma Salt Scrub.
  • Signature Aroma Moisteuriser.

If you are looking for a comprehensive re-vamp of your Spa Line we can also provide you with treatments for the following specialties:

  • Sunburn Remedy for Face and Body.
  • Bug Bite Relief for Face and Body.

Further to this, the unique Signature Aroma can be extended to the entire establishment to encompass the Resort Experience from beginning to end:

  • Welcome Towels.
  • Essential Oil Burners.
  • Hand and Body Liquid and Solid Soaps
  • Shampoo and Haircare.
  • Miscellaneous Room Accessories eg. Herbal Air Fresheners, Insect Repellents, Bug Bite Ointment, etc.

Please email us with your specifications:

  • Range Name and Description eg. Signature Aroma Body Treatment, etc.
  • Specific Scent For Signature Aroma  eg. flowery, woody, herbaceous, citrus or specific plant (, etc.
  • Medical Properties Required if applicable eg. anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, relaxing, up-lifting, oily or dry skin, etc.
  • Proposed Usage Size specify:  2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 2 gallon bucket or 5 gallon bucket.
  • Any other specific information which you think is important.

The Email Address is